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Welcome to Indoff's Wine Racks and Storage e-commerce site featuring Vintage View (tm) wine storage system.  Vintage View is a modern innovative wine storage system designed to display wine bottles label- forward, making it easy to showcase collections and find the perfect bottle of wine for any occasion. Founded in 2001, Vintage View not only offers wine lovers an exciting visual experience, but unlike cork-forward racks, the VintageView design gives wine the proper airflow and ensures the cork stays moist. The patented metal system features modular style racks that can be adapted to any space, from personal wince cellars in the home, retail stores, and large scale restaurant and hospitality settings.   

Vintage View has recently expanded their product offerings  to include the Evolution Series, Vino Pins,and  Vino Rails to give you, the wine connoisseur  and fresh, clean, and modern aesthetic to present your wine collection.  If you have any questions about Vintage Vintage wine storage and display products. please write to me at joseph.solinsky@indoff.com  or call me at 410.494.4598.

I am always happy to assist you!    

-Joseph SolinskyIndoff: Wine Display and Storage